This website, though mostly religious in content, is not a work of any church, but rather the work of myself, Edward Bragwell, with the help and encouragement of my wife, Patsy Martin Bragwell. We were married September 17, 1955 at Bethel Springs, Tennessee. After working with local churches since January 1956, we “retired” from working full-time with churches at the end of 2013 and moved into our present home near Morris/Kimberly, Alabama.

Over the years we worked with the following churches of Christ: Pontotoc, MS; Mt. Hope, AL; County Line (near Decatur), AL; Trinity, AL; Hanceville, AL; Charlotte (Central church), TN; Grenada (Van Dorn church), MS; Fultondale, AL; Isbell (near Russellville), AL; Russellville (Washington Ave church), AL. We are now members of the nearby Kimberly church of Christ.

It is our desire to use this site to share some of the fruits of our labor. Here you will find some sermon outlines preached over the years. There are also archived copies of The Reflector, a newsletter type paper suitable for printing and handing out. After a computer crash took out the program we had used from the start, we switched to WordPress and rebuilt the site and included a personal blog to which we try to post our thoughts from time to time.

Any material you may find useful, feel free to use it to the glory of God. Our desire is that all outlines and articles be distributed free of charge to any who may benefit from them. If you publish them in another publication, we only ask, as a matter of common courtesy that you give credit to the authors of the material.