Sermon Outlines

These outlines are submitted “as is” from my files. No attempt has been made to edit out typos, spelling, or grammar errors that may have crept into the text. In some cases, I may not remember where I got the seed thought for some of them. Some one has said that originality consists of forgetting where you got it. Anyone who can use them for personal study or to use them to teach or preach lessons is welcome to them. I only ask that if you publish them to be sold that you publish the source of the outline. If you should decide that one or more of the outlines is worth preaching, while some might question your choice, or maybe your sanity, you need not feel the need to give me credit in any way. My prayer is that they may be used to the glory of God.

  1. Abiding in Christ and He in Us
  2. Abominations in Proverbs
  3. Abominations of a Bloody City, The
  4. Abortion
  5. Abstain from every form of evil
  6. Abuse of our Blessings, The
  7. Accepting Responsibility Under The Gospel
  8. Achin’s Sin
  9. Adornment Inside and Out
  10. A Few Words about the Faithful Few
  11. Agony of Peter, The
  12. All Things New
  13. Always Be Ready To Give A Defense
  14. Amazing Grace Of God
  15. And He Died
  16. Angels
  17. Another King Arose That Did Not Know Joseph
  18. Answering Two Great Bible Questions
  19. Apollos
  20. Appeal Of The Gospel, The
  21. Appropriate Response to the Gift of Christ, The
  22. Are You Ready
  23. Arm Yourselves
  24. Ashamed
  25. A Sinful Nation Playing Innocent
  26. Assurance of Our Salvation, The
  27. Assuring Our Hearts Before God
  28. At the Feet of Jesus
  29. Attitudes that will overcome
  30. Authority
  31. Avoiding An Uncertain Sound
  32. Baccalaureate Address at Fultondale High School, June 1, 1985
  33. Bad News and Good News
  34. Baptism, Then What
  35. Barnabas and the Grace of God
  36. Bear One Another’s Burdens
  37. Beatitudes, The
  38. Becoming What We Ought Not
  39. Being Led Away with the Error of the Wicked
  40. Believer of John 3 16, The
  41. Believing On The Lord And Baptism
  42. Be Not Deceived
  43. Be Ye Thankful
  44. Bible, The
  45. Bible Cause for Divorce
  46. Bible Fellowship Is it Social or Spiritual
  47. Bible Fools
  48. Bible Heart, The
  49. Bible Loving Homes
  50. Bible Prophecy And The Middle East
  51. Bible Study Helps That Cost No Money
  52. Big If’s in Forgiveness, The
  53. Birth of Jesus, The
  54. Birth of the King, The
  55. Bleating Sheep And Lowing Oxen No 1
  56. Blessed Giver, The
  57. Blessed Of God
  58. Bless our God
  59. Blinder than Blind
  60. Blood Of Christ, The
  61. Blueprint for Changing Gods Order,A
  62. Bodies Scattered In The Wilderness
  63. Boldness in The Day Of Judgment
  64. Borderline Living
  65. Born Again Christians
  66. Born To Serve: Relative To The State And The Home
  67. Bought Without Money
  68. Brethren With Too Many Relatives
  69. Brood of Vipers
  70. Bruising Of Satan, The
  71. Building According to the Pattern
  72. Building for the Lord
  73. Burden Bearing
  74. Buy the Truth, and Do Not Sell It
  75. Called Children Of God
  76. Call For Help,A
  77. Calvinism: Part 1
  78. Calvinism: Part 2
  79. Calvinism: Part 3
  80. Calvinism: Part 4
  81. Calvinism: Part 5
  82. Calvinism: Part 6
  83. Can Any Man Forbid Water
  84. Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Agreed
  85. Capture Of Jericho, The
  86. Caught among the Thorns
  87. Certain Jew Named Apollos, A
  88. Certified Gospel, the
  89. Changeless Gospel For A Changing World, A
  90. Change Of The Law, A
  91. Changing Power of the Gospel of Christ, The
  92. Checking a Church’s Credentials
  93. Children Of Disobedience
  94. Children Of God Without Fault
  95. Children of Light Rather Than Children of Darkness
  96. Choose For Yourselves This Day
  97. Choose Ye This Day
  98. Choosing the Good Part
  99. Christ Died For Us
  100. Christian and Christmas, The
  101. Christian and Dancing, The
  102. Christian and Embarrassment, The
  103. Christian and Her Husband, A
  104. Christian and His Leisure Time, The
  105. Christian and His Wife, A
  106. Christian and Perfection, The
  107. Christian and Personal Appearance, The
  108. Christian and the Rest of His (Or Her) Life, The
  109. Christian Duties For Young And Old
  110. Christianity Made Easier
  111. Christianity: The Show Me Religion
  112. Christian or Church of Christer
  113. Christians and Authority
  114. Christian’s Best Defense, A
  115. Christian’s Great Challenge, The
  116. Christian’s Imperfections, The
  117. Christians Life in Three Tenses, The
  118. Christian’s Manner Of Life, The
  119. Christian’s Personality, The
  120. Christian’s Position And Dispostion, A
  121. Christian’s Reasonable Service, The
  122. Christian’s Responsibility To Christ
  123. Christian’s responsibility to Government
  124. Christian’s Responsibility To His Fellowman
  125. Christian’s Responsibility to His Home, The
  126. Christian’s Responsiblity in the home
  127. Christian Stewardship
  128. Church Activities
  129. Church and The Manifold Wisdom Of God, The
  130. Church Discipline
  131. Church Government
  132. Church In Ephesians, The
  133. Church in Four Stages, The
  134. Church in God’s Eternal Purpose, The
  135. Church in Three Senses, The
  136. Church Membership
  137. Church of the Firstborn, The
  138. Church’s Responsibility in Benevolence, The
  139. Church’s Responsibility in Preaching: Teaching, The
  140. Churchs Responsibility in Worship, The
  141. Church which was at Jerusalem, The
  142. Church Work
  143. Collection: 1, The
  144. Collection: 2, The
  145. Come Out From Among Them
  146. Come unto Me
  147. Comforter, The
  148. Commonly Overlooked Passage Parts
  149. Complete In Him
  150. Completeness Of Our Salavtion, The
  151. Concerning Giving And Receiving
  152. Condition Of Lukewarm Church Members, The
  153. Conflict Of Wisdoms, A
  154. Consider Jesus Christ
  155. Consider Your Ways
  156. Conversion
  157. Conversion of a Bible Reader, The
  158. Conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch, The
  159. Conversion Of The Ethiopian Treasurer
  160. Corinth A Carnally Minded Church
  161. Corruption Of The Lord’s Supper
  162. Cost of Discipleship, The
  163. Covering Sins Without A Coverup
  164. Crises In the Church at Jerusalem
  165. Ezra’s Excellent Example
  166. Daniel: A Man Ready for Life’s Challenges
  167. Darkness of Unbelief, The
  168. David, The Prophet
  169. David’s Army
  170. David’s Sin
  171. Day Of Pentecost, The
  172. Dead Church, A
  173. Denominational Doctrines: Part 1
  174. Denominational Doctrines: Part 2
  175. Denominational Doctrines: Part 3
  176. Denominational Doctrines: Part 4
  177. Denominational Doctrines: Part 5
  178. Denominational Doctrines: Part 6
  179. Denominational Doctrines: Part 7
  180. Denominational Doctrines: Part 8
  181. Denominational Doctrines: Part 9
  182. Denominational Doctrines: Part 10
  183. Denominational Doctrines: Part 11
  184. Depart From Me
  185. Devil Comes, The
  186. Disciples Indeed
  187. Disciplined Children
  188. Dispensation Of The Grace Of God, The
  189. Dispising God’s Goodness, Forbearance.
  190. Divine Incentives
  191. Divine Nature, The
  192. Divorce And Remarriage
  193. Divorce: The Revised Version
  194. Does Baptism Save Us
  195. Dog Returns To His Own Vomit, A
  196. Doing The Lord’s Work
  197. Doing The Lords Work Locally
  198. Doing The Lord’s Work Locally
  199. Double Disappointment, A
  200. Do We Still Know How To Blush
  201. Do You Understand What You Are Reading
  202. Drawn to Jesus
  203. Dying Father’s Charge to His Son, A
  204. Each One of Us Shall Give Account of Himself
  205. Early Warning Signs Of Spiritual Cancer
  206. Easy Yoke, A Light Burden, An
  207. Edification of the Congregation, The
  208. Effective, Fervent Prayer Of A Righteous Man, The
  209. Effectively Representing the Gospel
  210. Effect of Home Life on Spiritual Life, The
  211. Elijah
  212. Ephesians: A Fourfold Picture Of The Church
  213. Ephesians: The Dispensation Of The Grace Of God
  214. Ephesians: The Dispensation Of The Grace Of God
  215. Ephesus: The Loveless Church
  216. Essentials For A Strong Church
  217. Eternity
  218. Exceeding Abundant Power of God, The
  219. Excel For The Edification Of The Church
  220. Expression of Religious Authority, The
  221. Ezra’s Excellent Example
  222. Faith
  223. Faithful Stewards
  224. Faith in God
  225. Faith Is The Victory
  226. Faith: No 2
  227. Faith of Moses, The
  228. Faith of our Children, The
  229. Faith of Our Children And Grandchildren, The
  230. Faith of Our Father Abraham, The
  231. Faith Of Our Fathers, The
  232. Fallout from the Fall of Man, The
  233. False Proverb Refuted, A
  234. Feet Washing
  235. Fellowship
  236. Fellowship with the Father and His Son
  237. Few Worthy Members of a Dead Church, A
  238. First At Antioch
  239. First Gospel Semon to the Gentile, The
  240. First Principles Of The Doctrine Of Balaam
  241. First Things First
  242. First Timothy 3
  243. Fitting Death Certificates For Dead Churches
  244. Five Common Failures of Denominationalism
  245. Five Essential Elements of Spiritual Growth
  246. Five Ingredients for a Good Gospel Meeting
  247. Flee Fornication
  248. Folly of Covetousness, The
  249. Folly of Materialism, The
  250. Forgving One Another
  251. For Us There Is Only One
  252. Four Biblical Fools
  253. Four Essentials To A Christian’s Effectiveness
  254. Four fold Folly of Israel, The
  255. Four fold Objective of God’s Workers
  256. Four Great Descriptions of the Church
  257. Four Great Rewards of Bible Study
  258. Four Historical Phases of the Church
  259. Four Keys to Spiritual Success
  260. Four Major Causes of Spiritual Failure
  261. Four Marks Of A Mature Christian
  262. Four Things Paul Said He Knew
  263. Foxes Have Holes
  264. Frustrating the Grace of God
  265. Fulness of Christ, The
  266. Fundamentals of Life, The
  267. Gain of Godliness, The
  268. Galatians: What will make the church run well No 1
  269. Galatians: What will make the church run well No 2
  270. Galatians: What will make the church run well No 3
  271. Galatians: What will make the church run well No 4
  272. Galatians: What will make the church run well No 5
  273. Galatians: What will make the church run well No 6
  274. Galatians: What will make the church run well No 7
  275. Gambling Fever
  276. Gap Between The Real And The Ideal, The
  277. Getting To Know The Unknown God
  278. Giants In The Land
  279. Gideon
  280. Gifts of The Holy Spirit
  281. Gifts To Our Children
  282. Give Us A King
  283. Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
  284. Glorious Bride Of Christ, The
  285. Glorious Church, A
  286. God Has Spoken
  287. God is
  288. God Is Faithful
  289. Godliness with Contentment
  290. Godly Optimism
  291. God Of Heaven Shall Set Up A Kingdom, The
  292. God’s Answer for the Despairing Sinner
  293. God’s Answer to the Excuses of Moses
  294. God’s Book Lost In God’s House
  295. God’s Elect
  296. God’s Grand Purpose In All Things
  297. Gods Own Special People
  298. God’s Peace Formula
  299. God’s Pep talk to Joshua
  300. God’s Recipe for a Good Marriage
  301. God’s Saints
  302. God’s Simple Marriage Law
  303. God’s Simple Marriage Rule
  304. God’s Two Laws of Pardon
  305. God’s Workmanship
  306. God Who Speaks, The
  307. Good For Nothing
  308. Good Mind, A
  309. Goodness Of Our Times, The
  310. Good News of The Gospel, The
  311. Good Samaritan, The
  312. Gospel of the Grace of God, The
  313. Gospel: The Faith: The Doctrine: The Truth, The
  314. Governments Role in Marriage and Divorce, The
  315. Governor’s Fear, A
  316. Grace And Fellowship
  317. Grace Of God Which Was With Me, The
  318. Great Benefits of the Blood of Christ
  319. Great Commission, The
  320. Greatest In The Kingdom
  321. Great Heroes of Faith
  322. Great Memorial Day, The
  323. Greatness of John the Baptist, The
  324. Greatness of Salvation, The
  325. Great Physicain, The
  326. Great Work, A
  327. Growing Up Into Christ
  328. Growth of Sin, The
  329. Gsopel of the Kingdom of God, The
  330. Guidelines For A Good Influence
  331. Half washed Dishes
  332. Happiness Robbers
  333. Hatred Of God, The
  334. Healthy Diet, A
  335. Heart of Ezra, The
  336. Hearts of Joy Guarded by the Peace of God
  337. Heaven
  338. Heaven’s King At The Door
  339. Hell
  340. Hell The Fire That Shall Never Be Quenched
  341. Help Prevent Forest Fires
  342. He Restrained Them Not
  343. Heretics
  344. Herod’s Reaction To The Birth of Jesus
  345. He Was A Good Man
  346. He Went On His Way Rejoicing: No 1
  347. He Went on His Way Rejoicing: No 2
  348. High Cost Of Getting Even, The
  349. High Price For Good Grazing Land, A
  350. High Price For Good Land, A
  351. Him with Whom We Have to do
  352. Hindering The Truth
  353. Hindrances to Acceptable Worship
  354. Hindrances To Prayer
  355. History of the Institutional Controversy
  356. Holding Fast The Head
  357. Holding On To What we have
  358. Holy Spirit In Our Conversion, The
  359. Hope Set Before us, The
  360. How Ancient Jews Hurt Cause Of Truth
  361. How Big Problems Are Raised
  362. How Can Ye Escape the Damnation of Hell
  363. How Jesus Overcame The World
  364. How Many Deceive Themselves
  365. How Many Is One
  366. How People Are Turned off to the Kingdom Of God
  367. How Readest Thou
  368. How Shall It Be Salted
  369. How the Devil Tempted Jesus
  370. How To Become A Skilful Christian
  371. How to Find the One Church
  372. How To Have A Good Gospel Meeting
  373. How To Promote Congregational Harmony
  374. How to Really Profit from the Bible
  375. How to Settle Religious Questions
  376. How to Walk on Water
  377. How you ought to walk
  378. I Am Not Ashamed
  379. I Am Resolved
  380. Identifying a Liberal Church of Christ
  381. If Any Man Hunger
  382. If any Man Suffer
  383. If Anyone Loves The World
  384. If Anyone Sins
  385. If Anyone Speaks
  386. If Anyone Thinks He Is Religious Part 1
  387. If Anyone Thinks He Is Religious Part 2
  388. If I Lose My Soul
  389. If I were a Young Parent
  390. If the Foundations Be Destroyed, What Can the Righteous Do
  391. If then you have been risen with Christ
  392. If Thou Wilt Be Perfect
  393. If Ye Call on the Father
  394. If You Do Marry
  395. If You Marry, Choose Wisely
  396. If You Marry
  397. Ignorance That Is In Them, The
  398. I Have Played the Fool
  399. Impact of Godly Homes upon Society, The
  400. Impact of Godly Homes upon the Church, The
  401. Importance Of Our Individual Relationship To God, The
  402. Important Considerations Concerning Church Attendance
  403. Inconvenience of Christianity, The
  404. Indestructible Kingdom, The
  405. Influential Church, An
  406. Iniquity
  407. In Search of Spirituality and Meaningful Worship
  408. Institutionalism
  409. In the World Ye Shall Have Tribulation
  410. In Your Patience Possess Ye Your Souls
  411. Irreverence Of Israel, The
  412. Israel’s Salvation and Ours
  413. Issues That Have Divided Us: Part 1
  414. Issues That Have Divided Us: Part 2
  415. Issues That Have Divided Us: Part 3
  416. Issues That Have Divided Us: Part 4
  417. Issues That Have Divided Us: Part 5
  418. Issues That Have Divided Us: Part 6
  419. Is That You, God
  420. It is in truth, the word of God
  421. It Is the Differences That Make the Difference
  422. It Is Time for a Change
  423. I Would Not Have You Ignorant Brethren
  424. James and Faith
  425. James and Sin
  426. Jehoiakim’s Penknife
  427. Jereboam’s Counterfiet Religion
  428. Jesus, Lord of All
  429. Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
  430. Jesus Christ: A Stone Of Stumbling
  431. Jesus Christ: King of king, Lord of Lords
  432. Jesus Christ: Our Great High Priest
  433. Jesus Christ: Our Lawgiver
  434. Jesus Christ: Our Unchanging Priest
  435. Jesus Christ: The Author of Salvation
  436. Jesus Christ: The centerpiece of our homes
  437. Jesus Christ: The Head of The Church
  438. Jesus Christ: The Lamb Of God
  439. Jesus Christ: The Lion Of Judah
  440. Jesus Ever Lives!
  441. Jesus’ Prayer For His Disciples
  442. John’s Plea To The Elect Lady
  443. Joseph a Young Man Worth Knowing
  444. Joseph: A Young Person with Great Character
  445. Jospeph: A Successful Man
  446. Journey Away from God, The
  447. Journey That Changed Paul’s Life, The
  448. Joy And Sorrow: Good and Bad
  449. Joy of Forgiveness, The
  450. Judging
  451. Judgment Day, The
  452. Judgment Day Parables, The
  453. Justification
  454. Keeping Both Eyes Open
  455. Keeping Our Covenants
  456. Keeping The Lord’s Fire Burning
  457. Keep Thyself Pure
  458. Keep Your Heart With All Diligence
  459. Kind Of Person The Lord Can Use, The
  460. Kingdom Of God: Past, Present and Future, The
  461. King Saul’s Bleating Sheep And Lowing Oxen
  462. King Was Sorry, The
  463. Knit Together in Love
  464. Knowing Of Whom You Have Learned It
  465. Laodicea: The Lukewam Church
  466. Late Night Baptism Of a Jailer, The
  467. Law Of Liberty, The
  468. Learning To Live With Problems
  469. Leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees, The
  470. Lessons A Leper Had to Learn
  471. Lest We Drift Away
  472. Let Not The Church Be Charged
  473. Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled
  474. Letter and the Spirit, The
  475. Letting Satan Take Advantage Of Us
  476. Let Us Do Good
  477. Life Which I Now Live In The Flesh, The
  478. Let Us Rise Up and Build
  479. Life Is Just Too ShortLife Is Too Short
  480. Life’s Great Choices
  481. Limiting God
  482. Lingering Lot
  483. Living Abundantly
  484. Living Sacrifice, A
  485. Local Church as a Light in the Community, The
  486. Longsuffering
  487. Looking Ahead
  488. Looking Back
  489. Looking Beyond Ourselves
  490. Looking For Jesus
  491. Lord, Teach Us To Pray
  492. Lord Is My Shepherd, The
  493. Lord’s Character Building Program, The
  494. Lord’s Church Competing With Community Churches, The
  495. Lord’s Coming In Matthew 24, The
  496. Lord’s Day, The
  497. Lord’s Own Special People, The
  498. Lord’s Prayer for Unity, The
  499. Lord’s Sacrifice and Our Service, The
  500. Lord’s Supper, The
  501. Losing In Order To Win
  502. Lost and Saved, The
  503. Lost in the shuffle
  504. Love of First John, The
  505. Lukewarm Church Members
  506. Lust of First John, The
  507. Lusts For All Ages
  508. Lying
  509. Magnificence of the Lord’s Holy Temple, The
  510. Maintaining A Good Marriage
  511. Majoring in Minors
  512. Make For A King
  513. Make For Us A King
  514. Making Havoc of the Church
  515. Man Born Blind, The
  516. Man Saved On His Way Home From Worship, A
  517. Man Who Held His Own, The
  518. Marriage: 1
  519. Marriage: 2
  520. Marriage And Divorce Question, The
  521. Martha, Martha
  522. Marvelous Change in Conversion, The
  523. Master Teacher at Jacob’s Well, The
  524. Meaning of Pentecost, The
  525. Measuring Ourselves The Smart Way
  526. Meekness of Wisdom, The
  527. Minding Earthly Things
  528. Mind Of Christ, The
  529. Miracles
  530. Miracle Workers
  531. Miraculeous Divine Healing
  532. Model Prayer
  533. Modern Towers Of Babel
  534. Money Traps
  535. Morale Problem, The
  536. Moral Marriages in an Immoral World
  537. More Than Conquerors Through Him That Loved Us
  538. Moses, The Meek
  539. Most Important Question One Can Ask, The
  540. Motivation And Obedience
  541. Music for Christian Worship
  542. My Kingdom Is Not Of This World
  543. My Money and the Lord’s
  544. My Sin Is Ever Before Me
  545. Naaman, The Syrian
  546. Name of God Dishonored by the People of God, The
  547. Nature of Christ, The
  548. Nature Of God’s Grace, The
  549. Nature of Truth, The
  550. Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
  551. Nebuchadnezzars Lesson
  552. Necessity of Church Membership, The
  553. New Commandment, A
  554. New Testament Church, The
  555. Now That I Am a Grandparent
  556. Obedience That Passes The Test
  557. Obeying The Truth
  558. Office of an Elder, The
  559. Old Five Step Plan of Salvation, The
  560. Oneness of Baptism, The
  561. One Thing Needed, The
  562. Only Foundation, The
  563. On to Perfection
  564. Organization Of The Church, The
  565. Original Christianity, The
  566. Our Commitment to the Lord
  567. Our Father in Heaven
  568. Our Liberty In Christ Jesus
  569. Our Peace in Christ Jesus
  570. Our Precious Faith
  571. Our Redemption In Christ
  572. Our Reservation in Heaven
  573. Our Responsibilities To The Local Church
  574. Our Sacrifice and Service to God
  575. Out with the Old, in with the New
  576. Over Ruling Power of God, The
  577. Overseers and the Overseen, The
  578. Parable of the Fig Tree, The
  579. Parable Of The Sower
  580. Parable of the Talents, The
  581. Parable Of The Tares, The
  582. Parable of the Unforgiving Servant, The
  583. Parable of The Vineyard Workers, The
  584. Parable Of The Wedding Feast, The
  585. Parable Of Two Sons, A: No 2
  586. Parable Of Two Sons: No 1, A
  587. Parables Of Mustard Seed and Leaven
  588. Parables of the treasure and the pearl
  589. Parables on Rejecting Son of God
  590. Paralyzed by Fear
  591. Pattern of Sound Words, The
  592. Paul, A Sincerely religious man
  593. Paul From Persecutor to Persecuted
  594. Paul’s Charge to the Corinthians
  595. Paul’s Fears For His Brethren
  596. Paul’s Goodby To The Ephesian Elders
  597. Paul’s Great Dilemma
  598. Paul’s Parting Words to the Ephesian Elders
  599. Paul’s Personal Prison Problems
  600. Paul’s Prayer For The Colosians
  601. Paul’s Preaching on Mars Hill
  602. Pauls Saddest Words
  603. Peace Among Yourselves
  604. Peace and Edification A Powerful Combination
  605. Peace Of God Ruling In The Body Of Christ, The
  606. Peace of God Ruling In Your Hearts, The
  607. Pentecost, Christmas and Other Holy Days
  608. People who were serious about their religion
  609. Perfect And Complete In All The Will Of God
  610. Pergamos: The Compromising Church
  611. Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, The
  612. Peter’s Growth in The Lord
  613. Peters Perception of God
  614. Pharaoh’s Offers Of Compromise
  615. Philadephia: A Faithful Church
  616. Pitfalls To Prosperity
  617. Plans for the New Year
  618. Playing With Fire
  619. Plight of the Lord’s Servants, The
  620. Plugging up Some Holes
  621. Power in Baptism, The
  622. Power of a Christian’s Good Conduct
  623. Power of Jesus, The
  624. Power of Passion, The
  625. Power of the Gospel, The
  626. Power Of The Word Preached, The
  627. Prayer For Spiritual Strength: No 2, A
  628. Prayer Is Not A Substitute
  629. Prayer of a Righteous Man, The
  630. Preaching Another Jesus
  631. Predestination
  632. Preeminence Of Christ
  633. Premillennialism
  634. Present Benefits Of Godliness
  635. Pressures That Try Our Faith
  636. Preventative Religion
  637. Pride of Life, The
  638. Priesthood of Jesus Christ, The
  639. Prince of Peace
  640. Priority of Discipleship, The
  641. Problem of the Poor, The
  642. Problem with Gambling, The
  643. Profile of a Christian, The
  644. Prosperous Woman in Need, A
  645. Provations Good and Bad
  646. Proven Character Of Timothy, The
  647. Provokiing One Another
  648. Pure and Undefiled Religion
  649. Pure Religion
  650. Pursuing a Better Country
  651. Pursuing the things which make for peace
  652. Qualifications of Elders, The Part 1
  653. Qualifications of Elders, The Part 2
  654. Race Before Us, The
  655. Raised with Christ
  656. Ready to Be Offered
  657. Real Business of Christians and the Church, The
  658. Real Jesus, The
  659. Real Meaning of Christmas, The
  660. Rebellion of Korah, The
  661. Recipe for a Good Marriage, A
  662. Recipe for denying Christ, A
  663. Relatives of Jesus, The
  664. Religion of Jeroboam, The
  665. Religion of Micah and His Mother, The
  666. Religion That Saves
  667. Religious Confusion
  668. Religious Zeal
  669. Remember Now Your Creator In The Days Of Your Youth 1
  670. Remember Now Your Creator In The Days Of Your Youth: 2
  671. Remission Of Sins, The
  672. Removing Veils
  673. Repentance
  674. Respect for Authority
  675. Responsibility For Wrong Doing
  676. Restore unto Me the Joy of Thy Salvation
  677. Restoring a Brother Or Sister
  678. Restoring the Spirit of the Early Church
  679. Resurrection, The
  680. Return of The Prodigal, The
  681. Reverence for the Father of (Our) Spirits
  682. Reviewing Our Past
  683. Rich Young Ruler, The
  684. Right Baptism, The
  685. Righteous Judgment of God: 1, The
  686. Righteous Judgment of God: 2, The
  687. Righteousness Exceeding The Pharisees
  688. Righteous Rule of God, The
  689. Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth
  690. Rise and Fall of King Saul, The
  691. Road to Spiritual Recovery, The
  692. Rock Of Offense, A
  693. Royal Family, The
  694. Sacrified Bodies and Renewed Minds
  695. Saint’s Love For The Word Of God, A
  696. Salt of the Earth
  697. Salvation By Grace Through Faith
  698. Salvation Has Been Brought Down
  699. Salvation That Grace Brings, The
  700. Samaritan Power Struggle, The
  701. Sardis: The Dead Church
  702. Satan’s Triple Threat
  703. Second Coming and The Rapture, The
  704. Second Mile Religion
  705. Sect Everywhere Spoken Against, The
  706. Security of the Saints, The
  707. Seeds of Apostasy, The
  708. Seeing Some Things Simon Saw
  709. Seeking God after the Due Order
  710. Seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness
  711. Seek Ye The Lord
  712. Self centeredness
  713. Sermon That Made a Governor Tremble, The
  714. Servants Of God
  715. Seven Things Teens Are Dying To Tell Their Parents
  716. Seven Things the Lord Hates
  717. Seven Unholy Spirits
  718. Shall We Continue in Sin
  719. Shining As Lights
  720. Short Circuits In Marriages
  721. Shutting up of the Kingdom, The
  722. Signs of Spiritual Maturity
  723. Simon Peter: A Servant And Apostle Of Jesus Christ
  724. Simon the Sorcerer
  725. Sinfulness of Sin, The
  726. Sin In Diguise
  727. Sin in The Camp
  728. Sin Is No Joke
  729. Smyrna: The Persecuted Church
  730. Social Gospel Trap, The
  731. Solid Foundation Still Stands, The
  732. Some Big Bible If’s
  733. Some Common Perversions of the Gospel
  734. Some Dangerous Suppositions
  735. Some Effects of Human Tradition on Religion
  736. Some Effects of The Pure Gospel
  737. Some Money Traps
  738. Some People Useful For The Master
  739. Some People Useful For The Master
  740. Some Signs of Spiritual Strength
  741. Something Better For Us
  742. Something Better than Gold
  743. Some Things People Find Odd about the Church of Christ
  744. Some Things That Accompanied The Church’s Past Progress
  745. Something to Be Said for the Faithful Few
  746. Some Ways to Measure Spiritual Maturity
  747. So Near Yet So Far
  748. Sound in Patience
  749. Source of Religious Authority, The
  750. Speaking in Tognues By The Power of The Holy Spirit
  751. Speaking In Tongues
  752. Speaking of the church
  753. Spiritual Maturity
  754. Spiritual Blessings In Christ
  755. Spiritual Growth
  756. SPIRITUALITY: The Great Need Of The Church
  757. Spiritual Subversion
  758. Stand, Therefore
  759. Standing in the Grace of God
  760. Steps from Knowing God to===Hating===God
  761. Strange Things in the Old Testament
  762. Strong In The Lord
  763. Strong in the Lord Part 1
  764. Strong in the Lord Part 2
  765. Stumbling At The Word
  766. Submitting To One Another In The Fear Of God
  767. Such as Paul Was
  768. Superiority of the Priesthood of Christ, The
  769. Survival of the Local Congregation, The
  770. Take Heed To Yourself And To The Doctrine
  771. Take it easy
  772. Temperance to the T
  773. Ten Hard Saying of Jesus
  774. Ten Lepers
  775. Ten Things to Remember from the New Testament
  776. Ten Virgins, The
  777. Testing The Genuineness Of Our Faith
  778. That Your Joy May Be Full
  779. The: Eldership 1
  780. The: Pillar: and: Ground: of: the: Truth
  781. The Appropriate Response to the Gift of Christ
  782. The Damnation of Hell
  783. The Joy of Salvation
  784. Then Cometh the Devil (2)
  785. Then Cometh the Devil
  786. The Night the Jailer was Converted
  787. Then I Remembered The Word Of The Lord
  788. Then the Devil Comes
  789. There They Crucified Him
  790. These Things
  791. They Made Light of It: Part 1
  792. They Made Light of It: Part 2
  793. Things For Which Peter Was to Be Blamed
  794. Things In Hell Needed In The Church
  795. Things That Edify
  796. Things That Will Get Better and Better
  797. Things That Will Get Better and Better For A Growing Christain
  798. Things That Will Get Better And Better For Faithful Christians
  799. Things Which Become Sound Doctrine
  800. Things Working Together for Our Good
  801. This world is not my home
  802. Those Other Beatitudes
  803. Those to Whom the Lord Gives the Victory
  804. Three Attributes Of Sound Doctrine
  805. Three Baptisms
  806. Three Critical Harmful Habits Of The Tongue
  807. Three Disastrous Attitudes Toward the Kingdom of God
  808. Three Essentials to Doing God’s Will
  809. Three Eternal Principles of God’s Dealing With Man
  810. Three fold Purpose of Our Salvation, The
  811. Three Good Reasons to Attend Our Meeting
  812. Three Great Benefitls of the Blood of Christ
  813. Three Great Benefits of Being a Faithful Christain
  814. Three Great Faults of the Ancient Jews
  815. Three Great God ordained Instituions
  816. Three Great Promises
  817. Three Great Victories Of A Roman Army Officer
  818. Three Historical Phases of The Church, The
  819. Three Important Considerations in Church Attendance
  820. Three Prominent Types of Believers
  821. Three Ps of Christian Growth
  822. Three Qualities Needed to Do the Lord’s Work
  823. Unfit for the Kingdom of God
  824. Unholy Trinity of the Now Generation, The
  825. Uniqueness and Dignity of Baptism, The
  826. Uniqueness of the Lord’s Kingdom, The
  827. Unity of the Spirit, The
  828. Unprofitableness of the One Talent Man, The
  829. Unrighteous Deception Among Those That Perish
  830. Use of the Tongue, The
  831. Value of Love
  832. Value of the Gospel, The
  833. Verbal Vandalism
  834. Voice That Shook The Earth, The
  835. Wages of Unrighteousness, The
  836. Walking By Faith, Not Sight
  837. Walking in the Spirit
  838. Walking the Walk
  839. Way Of Salvation
  840. Way To Heaven, The
  841. We All Stumble In Many Things
  842. Weapons of our warfare
  843. We Do Not Lose Heart
  844. Weightier Matters of the Law
  845. We Were All Baptized into One Body
  846. What: was: established: on: the: Day: of: Pentecost
  847. What about the Thief on the Cross
  848. What A Congregation Owes Itself
  849. What a Difference a Few Hours Can Make
  850. What Baptism Will Not Do
  851. What Can Keep Christians Going
  852. What Difference Does It Make
  853. What Difference Does One’s Religion Make
  854. What Do Children Owe Their Parents
  855. What Does it Mean to Be Saved
  856. What Do You Seek
  857. Whatever Things Written Before
  858. What Every Joint Supplies
  859. What God Has Joined Together
  860. What God Offers to the Despairing Sinner
  861. What God Thinks about Divorce
  862. What Holds the World Together
  863. What In The World Are We To Do
  864. What In The World Are We To Do
  865. What is a mainstream church of Christ
  866. What Is Man
  867. What Is the Big Deal about Sin
  868. What Is Truth
  869. What is your life
  870. What Is Your Soul Worth
  871. What it means to call on the name of the lord
  872. What Jesus Uses to Draw Men unto Himself
  873. What Makes a Christian Unique
  874. What Manner Of Man Is This
  875. What Must I Do To Be Saved: 1
  876. What Must I Do To Be Saved: 2
  877. What One Can Be And Still Be Lost
  878. What Paul Showed The Ephesians
  879. What The Rich Man Saw From Hell
  880. What was established on the Day of Pentecost
  881. What We Can Expect
  882. What We Need Is Less Love
  883. When He, the Spirit of Truth, Is Come
  884. When I fall, I will arise
  885. When Jesus Wept over Jerusalem
  886. When the Bible Is Silent
  887. When the Church Grew Greatly
  888. When The Disciples Multiplied Greatly
  889. When the Lord Jesus Is Revealed from Heaven
  890. When We Need to Be Liberal
  891. When Ye Come Together
  892. Where Is The Promise Of His Coming: 1
  893. Where Is The Promise Of His Coming: 2
  894. Where Saul Was Not Saved
  895. Where The Bible Speaks, We Speak
  896. Wherewith Shall it Be Salted
  897. Which Church
  898. Which Is The Great Commandment
  899. Who, Me
  900. Who Are Christians
  901. Who Are We
  902. Who Are We
  903. Who is a Christain: 1
  904. Who Is a Christian 2
  905. Who Is My Neighbor
  906. Who Is My Neighbor
  907. Who Is the Holy Spirit
  908. Whom (And What) You Should Fear
  909. Who Then Can Be Saved
  910. Why Many Become Disappointed In Jesus
  911. Why are people not obeying the gospel
  912. Why Christians Should Be Teetotalers
  913. Why Congregations Die
  914. Why Cumbereth it the Ground
  915. Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People
  916. Why Does Life Seem to Be Unfair
  917. Why do ye these things: No 1
  918. Why do ye these things: No 1
  919. Why do ye these things: No 2
  920. Why do ye these things: No 3
  921. Why do ye these things: No 4
  922. Why Is The House Of God Forsaken
  923. Why I want to go to heaven
  924. Why Jesus Gave Himself for us
  925. Why Jesus Had to Die
  926. Why Love God
  927. Why Many Become Disappointed In Jesus
  928. Why Members Should Attend Gospel Meetings
  929. Why No Instrumental Music In Our Worship
  930. Why Not Obey the Old Testament
  931. Why People Cease to Pray
  932. Why So Many Churches
  933. Why So Much Preaching Does So Little Good
  934. Why Sunday Rather than Saturday as a Day of Worship
  935. Why We Need Local Churches
  936. Why Would Anyone Want To Go To Heaven
  937. Wickedness of the wicked., The
  938. Wild Grapes
  939. Will Ye Also Go Away
  940. Wisdom of God, The
  941. Witnesses of Our Race
  942. Women Professing Godliness
  943. Word Church, The
  944. Words to Watch
  945. Worker Who Does Not Need to Be Ashamed, A
  946. Working out Our Salvation in a Perverse Nation
  947. Work of Elders, The
  948. Work of the Church, The
  949. World, The
  950. World’s Richest People, The
  951. Worship
  952. Worshiping God in Vain
  953. Worthy Walk, A
  954. Wrong Measuring Sticks
  955. You and Your Conscience
  956. You Must Be Born Again
  957. Young People will be judged, too