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A New Kind of Self-abasement

In the second chapter of Colossians, the Apostle Paul twice refers to those who had a “voluntary” (KJV) or a “false” (NKJV) humility. The NASV and ESV, respectively, translate it “self-abasement” and “asceticism.” He, most likely, was referring to the early asceticism that arose in the early years of the church which likely was the beginning of the monastery system of Catholicism.

Spiritual Tunnel Vision


Peter warns that those who lack the “Christian Graces” of 2 Peter 1 are “blind and cannot see afar off.” (Verse. 9). The phrase “cannot see afar off” is from the Gr. muopazo, from which we get the medical term, myopia, meaning near sightedness. So there is precedent for comparing a spiritual condition to eyesight – seeing or not seeing properly.

Seeing the invisible…

One may think that he is seeing the wind blowing – but strictly speaking this is impossible. He can only see the effects of the blowing wind. Wind itself, whether still or blowing, is invisible.
Luke tells us, in Acts 11:22-23, that when Barnabas came to Antioch that he saw the grace of God.

Did My Generation Neglect the Grace of God?

I cannot understand how so many of the younger generation of preachers (sometimes encouraged by a few older ones) can talk about how woefully the generation before them neglected to tell people about the grace of God. They boldly speak about it as though it was a settled fact of history and that their generation is going to correct the matter by speaking more about grace and less about commandment keeping.