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A New Kind of Self-abasement

In the second chapter of Colossians, the Apostle Paul twice refers to those who had a “voluntary” (KJV) or a “false” (NKJV) humility. The NASV and ESV, respectively, translate it “self-abasement” and “asceticism.” He, most likely, was referring to the early asceticism that arose in the early years of the church which likely was the beginning of the monastery system of Catholicism.



I know that word does not pass the spell check test. It is not even in the dictionary – but it ought to be. If Mr. Webster, or whoever is in charge of adding new words to dictionaries, wishes to add my contribution to our language, he can feel free to copy and paste it along with my definition

Feelgoodism (fil-gōd-is-m) >>
The doctrine that the prime purpose of Christianity is to make its adherents feel good, especially about themselves.

Accountability for Sin

One of the more popular teaching, attributed to Jesus, is that of immediate “unconditional forgiveness” of those who have sinned against us. It is held forth as the epitome of “Christian love.” It is heralded as the Christ-like thing to do for our own sakes – to ease our own burden.