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A New Kind of Self-abasement

In the second chapter of Colossians, the Apostle Paul twice refers to those who had a “voluntary” (KJV) or a “false” (NKJV) humility. The NASV and ESV, respectively, translate it “self-abasement” and “asceticism.” He, most likely, was referring to the early asceticism that arose in the early years of the church which likely was the beginning of the monastery system of Catholicism.

“Can You Hear Me?”

 A cell phone company has popularized the above question in its advertizing videos. For the answer to be positive depends on both the transmission and reception of both phones. If either is faulty then the conversation becomes a monologue rather than a dialogue.

Successful communication with God is kind of like that.

The Doctor’s Orders

I still go to the doctor who has been my primary physician for a good many years. He practices in the town where we lived prior to moving to our present address. There are many doctors closer to us that I could use. In face, people often ask, “Why do you drive so far to get back to him when you could be driving much more closely?

Seeing the invisible…

One may think that he is seeing the wind blowing – but strictly speaking this is impossible. He can only see the effects of the blowing wind. Wind itself, whether still or blowing, is invisible.
Luke tells us, in Acts 11:22-23, that when Barnabas came to Antioch that he saw the grace of God.