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The “Work” Of Elders Is the Critical Matter

Virtually any study or discussion of church “elders” immediately focuses on the qualifications for this office. Does the person have “believing children,” what does that entail and must all his children be faithful? Is the person “apt or able to teach” and is he a good leader in the home? But when was the last time you heard a significant discussion of the “work” of elders?

Spiritual Tunnel Vision


Peter warns that those who lack the “Christian Graces” of 2 Peter 1 are “blind and cannot see afar off.” (Verse. 9). The phrase “cannot see afar off” is from the Gr. muopazo, from which we get the medical term, myopia, meaning near sightedness. So there is precedent for comparing a spiritual condition to eyesight – seeing or not seeing properly.

Of Labeling Churches …

Sardis was labeled by our Lord as being “dead.” (Rev. 3:1) Was He painting with too broad a brush? Surely not. Were there not some spiritually alive there? Yes.

There were some living but “ready to die” (verse 2). There were a few that were undefiled and worthy (verse 4).

Cutting Wood and Restoring N. T. Christianity

In my early years, before Daddy got steady work in town, we lived in the country and did small time farming. We had neither electricity nor gas at our house. We heated and cooked using wood for fuel. There were two lessons country dads taught their boys about cutting wood to ensure that it was at a consistent length and thus fit nicely into the fireplace and cook stove.

Another Factor in Lack of Numerical Church Growth…

As we have noticed at other times, a new generation of Christians has come along and have heard of the great periods of numerical growth in congregations in times past, but are not seeing it happening now. They sincerely want to see growth and have come up with a number of fixes for the problem that would attract more “prospects.”

One of these is that we need to scrap the “worn out relics” of past generations, like gospel meetings, public Bible classes, and home studies – all geared to turning people from error to truth.