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Abstain from Every Form of Evil

Christians are told to “abstain from every form of evil” (1 Thessalonians 5:22 ASV). Not only are we to abstain from it, we must abhor it (Romans 12:9;). This goes for the more subtle forms as well as the more blatant forms. Let’s look at three basic forms that Christians would do well to avoid.

The New Testament Scriptures

Historians and scholars raise a lot of questions as to just when the New Testament writings became recognized as authoritative Scripture by Christians – some say this council and some another. However, the New Testament itself leaves little doubt that they were recognized as such from their beginning.

The word “Scripture(s)” is in 52 verses in the New Testament.

How Readest Thou?

When reading the Bible, it seems that some folks lay their common sense aside. They make ordinary words and phrases take on meanings that they would not have in any other kind of communication. The same words and phrases found in a newspaper or novel, or just in ordinary conversation, would never be interpreted the way they are when found in Scripture.

Seeing the invisible…

One may think that he is seeing the wind blowing – but strictly speaking this is impossible. He can only see the effects of the blowing wind. Wind itself, whether still or blowing, is invisible.
Luke tells us, in Acts 11:22-23, that when Barnabas came to Antioch that he saw the grace of God.